Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am back in States after almost one month in Russia. So I keep thinking about what makes us the people we are now. How important some basic things for our identity. Things that define the meaning of our home and our roots, things that are the simplest but yet the strongest in showing who we are . It is all about our childhood memories after all, isn't it?

To me it is the smell of freshly picked wild strawberries.

As kids we would pick a few along the path and bead them on a string of grass . But the best is when you go picking berries into the forest with the whole family and you are handed a mug to fill. So you pick these little rubies and then right before you dump them into a big basket you stick your nose in your mug just to loose yourself in this heavenly aroma. I am telling you this is the best! And have you even tried a home-made jam made out of wild strawberries?

Or some young potatoes with lots of butter and fresh dill! And a young garlic on a side.
My dad's kebab with a simple salad to come along.

And of course Russian bread... Oh it is so different and so authentic.

And you know what else I realised. Russia IS a country of birches. Growing up you cannot help but hear the most wonderful words about birches from all the poets of the country but I guess you have to live in the different country or at least travel a lot to finally come home and to feel it with your own heart. Birches and purple candles of Ivan-chai flowers were so symbolic to me this time around