Monday, April 12, 2010

A package

You should have seen our faces when we have received a package from Turkey last week. We were glowing with anticipation for more then a week almost tasting our treats to come. And so here they are now. We were like kids on Christmas morning impatiently tearing off the packaging. My dear hubby got his sucuk - a Turkish dry beef sausage. You should see how much he treasures it. He seams to be determent to make it last longer then possible. As for me - I've got the best pistachios in the world- the little jewels from Antep city in Turkey. They are unbelievable! If you have never tried them you do not know the real taste of pistachios. Then there were candies, chocolate ( gosh they know how to make real chocolate in Turkey- Dark chocolate with pistachios anyone?) and cookies. I think kids loved their treats but definitely not as much as we did ours.
If you are around you are welcome to come and try some. Can't guarantee it will last though.

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