Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am back! I know I haven't been posting anything recently. Combination of kids being out of school+ fantastic weather made us spent very little time at home. So during this hectic times I did not feel inspired to write anything and there was no time for me to take camera out and picture what was about to be eaten. But good things are coming to an end and my big boy is going to his first grade. So life will find its routine now and you will see more from me I believe.
Today I am posting a recipe for Russian blini the way I make them here. Of course they never come out as good as my mom's , but I hope you will still like them...

Usually the same batter works for different types of blini I make. If you pour a little bit more of the batter to the pan and swirl it to cover the bottom you will get a traditional sized blini. Serve them with sour cream and jam or stuff them with sweetened farmer cheese ( both rolling and folding will work).
The other option is to make three-four little blinis per pan. To me they look cuter and they work better if you want to serve them for a party with say a dollop of cream cheese and smoked salmon on top.

The bottom picture shows how I play with blinis when cooking for my boys. The key here is to use regular soup spoon for pouring to get a better control .

One more note before I get to the recipe. In Russia blinis are traditionally made with spoiled milk. It is very economical and convenient. Once milk turned sour they leave it on the counter overnight for it to fully separate. And then use it as a base for blini. Here in States the milk is ultra pasteurized so it has a longer life . I hardly ever gotten to the point when my milk got sour. So I am using another popular option-Kefir, which still gives you these sour notes in the flavor that we are after. Previously I tried making blini with milk and they were ok too however I was lucking the familier notes so once Kefir became widely available in supermarkets my blinis got better too:

1 cup of kefir (preferably at room temperature*)
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 or more tbs sugar
1 tbs oil
white flour ( about a cup)

In a bowl beat first 6 ingredients with a wisk. Now it is time to add flour. Start with half a cup and wisk everything together. Continue adding and wisking untill you get the desired consistesy. It should still be runny but thik enough to allow you to spread batter on the pan while swirling. Here is a trick. If you did not wait for the kefir to get room temperature just pour a bit of boiling water at the end into the batter to ' warm it up' . The blini end up being more airy this way.
Now fry them with a little bit of oil over the moderate-high heat. I like making my first one and trying it right away in order to adjust salt and sugar or may be adding more flour/kefir. Finish with the reast.

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