Monday, February 8, 2010


I've started thinking about it a while ago. I guess right when my mom went on to become a vegetarian. She was committed to believe that humans were not meant to be carnivores. I disagreed with her. And I still do. I believe that most of our ancestors had to rely heavily on farm animals in order to survive long winters and poor harvest. But still even back then they ate meat occasionally. What we do now is crazy! Just think about how many times a day we eat meat/poultry products nowadays? Sandwiches for breakfast with cold cuts, grilled chicken with salad for lunch, some meatball for dinner? I do not believe we were meant to consume THAT amount of meat we are eating today. It is neither healthy for us nor for our planet.. That is why I love this campaign lead by Sir Paul McCartney. Please read his message here and see some great menu options from Gwineth. Let's make at least our Mondays meat free.

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