Monday, February 8, 2010

This is the way we cook our veggies

It all started with asparagus. You see we do not have asparagus in Russia. Once in US I tried to find a way to cook these funny-looking guys in a way that would make me like them right away. Somehow roasting it with olive oil and salt/pepper sounded great. So that's how I did it. And ever since I would always use this method for asparagus. Later something made me try to do zucchini the same way and I was in love again. A few days ago I was trying to look up some recipes for cauliflower. Something new you know. Something I did not do before. So imagine my joy when I discovered this at 101 cookbooks. I can roast cauliflower too! Still having a zucchini in a fridge I combined it with my leftover cauliflower for the quick and easy veggie side dish for our dinner. And man did it taste amazing! The other vegetable I've tried so far are beets and eggplants. They all come out fantastic! Roasting just makes all the flavors pop out in a most delicious sweet way! Occasionally I would try a different oil (almond or grape seed), or add some garlic or fresh herb to the mix. Just use what's on hand. But the basic approach is still very good. The only rule is to make sure you cut your veggies evenly and spread them over on a baking sheet in one layer. I like roasting my veggies at 375F with my convection setting. It takes about 15 minutes or so but you have to keep an eye on them depending on how thin you have cut your beauties.
Let me know if you tried roasting your veggies too.

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