Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alexander Petrov

My dear friend has sent me a link to an animated movie made and directed by a famous Russian animator Alexander Petrov this morning. All the rest of the day, every minute I could spare I spent looking up more and more information on this phenomenally talented man and all his previous works.
I started this morning with 'My Love' - his latest work. Then I have learned that his 'The Old Man and the Sea' has won Oscar in 1999 for short animated movies. I will quote Wikipedia here to describe you the technique he is using: 'the films are made entirely in pastel oil painting on the glass, a technique mastered by only a handful of animators in the world. By using his fingertips instead of a paintbrush on different glass sheets positioned on multiple levels, each covered with slow-drying oil paints, he was able to add depth to his paintings. After photographing each frame painted on the glass sheets, which was four times larger than the usual A4-sized canvas, he had to slightly modify the painting for the next frame and so on. It took Aleksandr Petrov over two years, from March 1997 through April 1999, to paint each of the 29,000+ frames for ' The Old Man and the Sea.'
I cannot tell you enough how impressive his movies are. The sea is alive and the sky is absolutely real. It takes your breath away to watch and my mind refuses to understand that something like that is humanly possible. It makes me happy to be alive!
I am sorry for a poor translation of the "My love'. It lucks the depth of the original text and doesn't cover all the lines, however it still delivers the idea of what is going on on the screen. So let's be thankful.
'The Mermaid' was made earlier but still just as magical.
How much I want a CD with all his movies. Or rather a Blue-Ray to get all the details. Unbelievable!

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