Friday, November 26, 2010

Marry Christmas Boston!

Last week we went to Boston. And it happened to become one of those rare days when we felt like we were in the right place in the right time for many things.
It started with Boston Common. We stooped there to let my little guy have some fun at the playground when a lady came over to invite everybody to see the arrival of the Christmas tree from Nova Scotia to the Common. Even Santa was there to welcome the kids and give them some presents. It was lots of fun. My 2year old proudly announced everyone that night that Santa has hagged him.
Then we went towards Downtown Crossings and saw a Christmas tree being installed over the entrance to Macys and TD Bank was welcoming everyone with free coffee, cookies and lots of music. It was cute to see people with smiles over there faced. Great site to see in the morning if you know what I mean.

And then I have spotted this cute book store en plein air
and this fun paper installation in the window.

By the time we were going back to the car the tree was almost in place:) I bet it has light on it by now.

It was a good day. Tomorrow though there is going to be a Christmas parade in our town. Kids are all excited to go. For me it will open an opportunity to start using Santa shamelessly to make kids cooperate . What can be better. Santa is in town!

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