Monday, November 8, 2010


My days are busy, busy. Trying to do as many things as I can while my in-laws are still here. The other day I woke up and realized that I haven't been to my favorite Boston for more then half a year. I live 30-40 minutes away by car and I love to come occasionally to walk around and to feel the city's vibe. However I haven't been able to do so in what seems like the longest time. So I thought I would to use the opportunity and go there alone before its too late and too cold. I picked the South End for my stroll. I just love the atmosphere of this neighborhood. Too bad the galleries were closed but I had the most amazing time just walking around and enjoying the cafes, shops and whatever South End-right-after-the-Halloween had to offer.

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  1. Priyet Katya,

    I love these photos of the South End.

    My next post is about sharlotka and includes a list of recommended Russian cooking blogs.

    Please visit soon and let me know if I have missed any good blogs.

    Rob MacDonald